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Kauai’s capital city, Lihue is located on the eastern side of the island and is home to both the main cruise port and the only commercial airport. The city is also Kauai’s main shopping destination and boasts several historic spots, such as Kilohana, a historic plantation, and the Kauai Museum.

  • Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, 96766

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Q:What is Lihue known for?
A:Lihue is Kauai’s government and commercial center and holds plenty of history and culture. It has the island’s airport and cruise port and is the primary commercial shipping center. Kalapaki Beach is the place for bodysurfing, surfing, and swimming. Plus, the impressive Wailua Falls is close by for amazing views.
Q:How much time do I need in Lihue?
A:There are plenty of attractions to visit in Lihue, whether natural, historical, or cultural. Visitors can spend a day visiting the beaches, museums, or Wailua Falls, doing water sports, or sampling rum and coffee. Or spend more days here, using Lihue as a base for exploring more of Kauai.
Q:What kinds of museums are in Lihue?
A:Lihue has several museums and galleries for art lovers and history buffs. Visit the Kauai Museum for historic buildings and artifacts and the Grove Farm Sugar Plantation to see the Wilcox home and gardens. Several local artists display their work at galleries like the Tabora Gallery, Seductions of Kauai Gallery, and more.
Q:What is the best time of year to visit Lihue?
A:The best times for most travelers to visit Lihue are the off-peak or shoulder seasons when the crowds are thinner, and the weather is still good. Try April or May or August through early October, but avoid the busy summer months of June and July and the cooler weather in December and January.
Q:Why are there so many chickens in Lihue and Kauai?
A:Chickens run around Lihue, and this is for a few reasons. After red junglefowl were first brought to the island by the Polynesians, they cross-bred with domestic chickens and became feral, running around the island like they owned the place. Later, in 1982, a hurricane destroyed chicken coops, scattering chickens all over the island.
Q:What kinds of tours go to Lihue?
A:Many tours start in Lihue since it’s the capital and is easily accessible to several attractions. Hop on a helicopter for an aerial island tour, or book luau and buffet dinner shows for a Hawaiian cultural experience. Kayaking, exploring the Wailua River, and visiting plantations are also combined with Lihue tours.