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A scenic stretch of Marin County across the bay from San Francisco, Tiburon is a relaxed seaside community with charming architecture and homes that feel more like New England than California. Bay cruises, hikes, and bike tours abound, and ferries run during the week, making it easy to visit this laid-back, affluent town.

  • Tiburon, California, 94920

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Q:Is Tiburon or Sausalito better?
A:Both Tiburon and Sausalito are nice places, but many people prefer Sausalito, especially as a day-trip destination. Tiburon is smaller and while it’s less touristy—which some people may consider a positive—there are also fewer places to eat and drink than in Sausalito. However, both have good views of San Francisco.
Q:What is Tiburon known for?
A:The seaside suburb of Tiburon is known for its wonderful views of San Francisco and for being an upmarket, quiet place. It has tennis and yacht clubs and is a good place to hike, bike, have a picnic, watch the boats, or visit on a day trip from San Francisco.
Q:Why is Tiburon, California, called Tiburon?
A:The name Tiburon derives from the Spanish word tiburon, which means shark. The area was probably named this because leopard sharks are native to the waters around the peninsula, and still are often seen in the bay. They have an attractive leopard-like pattern on their skin, but aren’t generally dangerous.
Q:Is Tiburon nice?
A:Yes, Tiburon is a very nice town in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a good place to visit on or to stay overnight. It’s been called one of the nicest places to live in California. There are great views of San Francisco from Tiburon, as well as nice outdoor activities.
Q:Which celebrities live in Tiburon?
A:Chilean-American author Isabel Allende, former skier and TV presenter Jonny Mosely, musician Carlos Santana, and the late comedian Robin Williams live (or recently lived) in and around Tiburon. Tiburon is an upmarket part of San Francisco, so it’s no surprise that wealthy celebrities choose to live there.
Q:Does Tiburon have a downtown?
A:Yes, although Tiburon is a small suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area, it has a downtown. Downtown Tiburon features plenty of eateries and boutique shops, and Shoreline Park is adjacent to it. Some of the best views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen from the park.