Santorini Volcano
Cruise ships on a walk to Santorini Volcano, Cyclades Islands
Cruise ships on a walk to Santorini Volcano, Cyclades Islands

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The Santorini volcano exploded around 1600 BC, ending the thriving Minoan civilization. This volcanic activity was instrumental in forming the island of Santorini into what it is today. A few small islands sit inside Santorini's offshore caldera, including Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni. Both are popular stops on boat tours.

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John_H, Oct 2023
Very informative guide...
Very informative guide Anna on ship,great swimming and walk to the volcano. Friendly staff and service at canteen, clean,tidy and comfortable ship, had a wonderful time
Caroline_o, Sep 2023
Sunny Santorini time out
Pick up and drop off were very punctual. The crew were absolutely fantastic, safety brief at the start, details given on all the swim stops, staff very accommodating. Plenty of very tasty food and drinks for all. There was around 18 people on board, plenty space for everyone. The different groups all gelled well and were very friendly. The music, the sunset, the whole day was absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend.
Carly_Y, Sep 2023
Breathtaking views on an amazing boat!
The tour guide Maria was amazing and very knowledgeable! We had the best time. The catamaran was beautiful and so clean. We loved hearing about the history at each stop and the food was unbelievable. Would absolutely do this again and would recommend to friends. Music playlist was also on point! Captain played great tunes.
Janiqua_R, Sep 2023
A day in blissful paradise
Boat is extremely clean. The crew was amazing with excellent hospitality. Very educational with lots of fun facts for every stop made. The food was delicious The best part was there was the perfect combination of people on the boat made lots of new friends, the perfect combination of a blissful day.
People Also Ask
Q:How long does it take to walk the Santorini Volcano?
A:Technically, Santorini is one giant volcano. But what most people mean by the Santorini Volcano is the volcano that steams away on the islet of Nea Kameni. That’s about a 1.5-mile (2.5-kilometer) round hike, which takes most people about 30 minutes climbing up and about 20 coming down.
Q:Is Santorini Volcano worth seeing?
A:Yes. If you’re expecting fountains of lava and eerie tectonic rumblings, you’ve come to the wrong place: While active, the Santorini Volcano is not currently erupting. But the boat trip is lovely, the hot soil and gouts of steam are impressive, and the views from the top are stunning.
Q:Can you walk on the volcano in Santorini?
A:Yes. But be sure to book a boat trip that allows you to hike to the top and back down again: not all Santorini cruises include a stop at Nea Kameni or time to wander the Santorini Volcano. Visiting early in the morning can make walking easier.
Q:What should you wear to visit the Santorini Volcano?
A:Nea Kameni is very exposed, so you’ll need a hat and sunscreen. Wear closed-toe shoes with a good grip to protect against sharp rocks and grit; sneakers are fine. Most Santorini cruises also stop at the Santorini Hot Springs. Wear older swimsuits in darker colors as minerals can stain.
Q:How long is the Santorini Volcano tour?
A:Nea Kameni is about a 10-minute boat trip from Santorini Old Harbor (Fira), so tours that only cover the Santorini Volcano last about two hours, with 1.5 hours exploring the volcano. However, most travelers visit on a half-day or full-day cruise that visits the Santorini Hot Springs and more.
Q:How hard is the Santorini Volcano hike?
A:The peak of Nea Kameni stands around 417 feet (127 meters) above sea level. The path is not too steep, and most find the walk takes under an hour, so the Santorini Volcano hike is of moderate difficulty. Wear protective shoes, though, as the lava rocks can be very sharp.