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Star Sign Travel: 9 Top Cancer Vacation Destinations

Trip ideas that won’t leave Cancers feeling crabby.
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Although a Cancer is often thought of as a homebody, you are actually likely to travel more than many other astrological signs. Like a tidy hermit crab, you love to be on the move and always know how to make yourself feel at home, even in the most far-flung destinations. You prefer to travel with signature comforts, like a favorite scented candle or a silky robe. You also love a great bargain, so consider up-and-coming hot spots or someplace your dollar goes farther. Here’s where to head for a trip perfectly suited to your sign.

Seoul, South Korea

Man looks at temple across parking lot
Seoul, South Korea, offers modern and historic attractions.Photo Credit: Andrew Faulk / Viator

An emerging hot spot offering all the feels.

Cancers are often described as having a tough exterior, but underneath the hard shell, you have all the feels. That means you’re equally comfortable in both urban and rustic locales. A rising international star like South Korea works for Cancer because it’s still a bit under the radar globally and offers a soulful mix of modern and historic. Think: a tour of the Gyeongbokgung Palace, which dates back to 1395, followed the next day by a K-Pop fan tour with a local.

Kauai, Hawaii, US

Two people wearing hats kayak down a river
Guided tours take kayakers on the Wailua River.Photo Credit: Michael Barajas / Shutterstock

A chilled-out island ideal for family time.

As a water sign, Cancers always will be drawn to the ocean. The lushness of still-wild Kauai might appeal, offering accessible adventures like a kayak paddle up the Wailua River or off-road ATV trip. You can get overwhelmed easily by the demands of a busy life, so taking in the sunset while sailing off the Na Pali Coast provides the perfect antidote.

Venice, Italy

Gondola crosses wide canal in Venice
Gondola rides offer views of Venice from the water.Photo Credit: Silvia Longhi / Viator

Romance and history for this nostalgic sign.

Continuing the water theme, Venice is a bucket list destination for more sophisticated Cancers. Though financially savvy, you love to treat yourself to well-earned luxuries like a private gondolier or a skip-the-line tour of Doge’s Palace. While you’re likely organized enough not to miss highlights like St. Mark’s Basilica, a hidden gems tour will help you find artisan workshops selling Murano glass for a steal.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Lighted rooftop balcony at sunset with hot air balloons in sky
Hot air balloon rides are one of many things to do in Cappadocia.Photo Credit: givaga / Shutterstock

Ancient cozy caves for the home-loving Cancer.

Since Cancers are connoisseurs of hearth and home, a visit to Cappadocia will enthrall. Goreme offers churches, restaurants, and even hotels cozily situated in ancient caves—the region’s extraordinary rock formations bring to mind a moon colony. Try a thrilling hot-air balloon ride over the fairy chimneys, a spirited whirling dervishes ceremony, or a tour of an underground city with a knowledgeable guide.

Miami, Florida, US

People walk by and look at large, brightly painted murals
An art scene thrives in Miami.Photo Credit: Erika Cristina Manno / Shutterstock

This water sign always thrives by the beach.

Surely you’ll be happy at Florida’s beaches, both bustling and relaxed (we see you, Key Biscayne, and you sensitive souls also will appreciate Miami’s art scene, history, and architecture. However, you’ll want to steer clear of the wild South Beach party scene. Instead, explore under-the-radar museums, artsy neighborhoods like Wynwood, and historic landmarks—followed by Cuban sandwiches—in Little Havana.

Lima and Las Islas Ballestas, Peru

Rock archway behind green ocean shore
Lima offers opportunities to experience the coast.Photo Credit: Vadim Petrakov / Shutterstock

Under-the-radar charm for bargain lovers.

Peru’s capital city, Lima, is full of quaint colonial charm, multicultural highlights, chilled-out coastal neighborhoods, incredible criollo foodie experiences—and bargains aplenty. Be sure to check out the Bridge of Sighs, which has as much literary credibility as Venice’s. And, rather than heading to the crowded Galapagos Islands, opt for the cheaper Ballestas Islands, a well-protected marine reserve reachable only by boat; the ride over offers an exceptional view of the mysterious Nazca Lines geoglyphs.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Man wearing conical hat and woman paddle a canoe next to large palm-like fronds in river
The Mekong Delta encompasses tens of thousands of miles of waterways.Photo Credit: Regis Binard / Viator

A watery rural retreat for authenticity-seekers.

Comprising tens of thousands of miles of waterways, the Mekong Delta is bigger than it sounds. Cancers love to have a home base, so plan to explore it from either Ho Chi Minh City or Can Tho, which is closer to the most well-known floating market, Cai Rang. Seeing the river by sampan and soaking in the soulful authenticity of rural Vietnam will make your Crab heart sing. If anyone can negotiate a rock-bottom price for some local fruit, it’s you.

New Brunswick and Fundy National Park, Canada

People looking at rock formations that rise up out of bare earth
New Brunswick's remarkable coastline includes unique rock formations.Photo Credit: Vintagepix / Shutterstock

Cancers will feel drawn to The Maritimes tidal history.

One explanation for Cancer’s signature moodiness is the sign’s association with the moon and the tides, mirroring an ebb and flow of emotions. At the Bay of Fundy, you can wait for the tide to go out and then walk along the sand for a full experience of the incredible rock formations. Along New Brunswick’s remarkable coastline are quaint towns like Saint John with nearby Reversing Falls and Acadian French–speaking Shediac, the lobster capital.

Cornwall, England

Stone castle perched on a sea cliff
Cornwall's coastline evokes a romantic sensibility.Photo Credit: Maciej Olszewski / Shutterstock

The drama of the Cornish seascape calls to sensitive Cancer.

Nostalgic and wistful are positives for emotive Cancers. Whether you moon over scenes on the sea cliffs from the British drama Poldark or love the eccentricity of the Cornish town in Doc Martin, the slice of quintessential coastal England that is Cornwall appeals to your romantic sensibility. Experience the dramatic cliffs and beaches on an epic walking tour, or explore the moors in a vintage taxi.

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