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24 for 2024: Where To Travel in 2024

Make globetrotting your New Year’s resolution: We’ve rounded up 24 of the best places to travel to in 2024.

aerial view of guatape, colombia
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Claire Bullen is an award-winning food, drinks, and travel writer and editor who has lived and worked in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Paris, and London. She is the author of The Beer Lover's Table: Seasonal Recipes and Modern Beer Pairings, and the editor at Her writing has also appeared in Time Out New York, The Daily Meal, Pellicle Magazine, and beyond.

A new year means it’s time to collect new inspiration for your travel plans, and we’re here to help. Viator’s 24 for 2024 travel destinations list reflects the trends that define the way people around the world jet-set and hit the road in the new year, from waterfront locales and cold-weather getaways to the “dupe” destinations that serve as less-expensive doppelgangers for those in-demand, pricey, and popular hotspots.

We’ve also compiled a number of under-the-radar travel ideas for the year ahead, from adventurous trips to South America to cultural experiences in Canada’s Indigenous heartlands and European city breaks that serve up plenty of charm. Get packing, get excited, and get ready—here’s where to go in 2024.

1. Quebec, Canada

kayaker with whale fluke in quebec, canada
Don't miss a whale-watching excursion in Quebec.Photo Credit: Eric Valenne geostory / Shutterstock

A destination for cultural diversity.

Travelers might know Quebec best for its big cities, like Montreal and Quebec City, but there’s much more to discover in Canada’s largest province. In 2024, Quebec’s Indigenous Tourism Initiative will promote eco-conscious tourism designed to bridge the gap between international visitors and the 11 Indigenous nations across the province.

While learning more about the region’s diverse cultures, you can visit living history museums, dine at restaurants that feature Indigenous cuisine, and embark on outdoor experiences from fishing to whale watching. Even if you can’t stray too deep into nature, it’s worth booking a trip to cultural hubs like the Huron-Wendat Museum and the Canadian Museum of History.

2. Charleston, South Carolina

kayakers in charleston, south carolina
Water is part of the very fabric of Charleston.Photo Credit: CathyRL / Shutterstock

Water, water, everywhere.

Water destinations are poised to be a major 2024 travel trend, and few cities in the US have a deeper connection to the water than Charleston. Offering everything from Atlantic Ocean beaches to Lowcountry marshes, wide rivers, and narrow creeks, this maritime city has water running through its veins.

That makes it the ideal place to go for a swim, spot dolphins on a harbor cruise, embark on an eco-kayaking adventure, or even witness a commercial shrimping fleet in action. Cap it all off with a Black Charleston walking tour to learn about the Gullah Geechee people, descendants of enslaved West Africans who have called the Lowcountry home for centuries.

3. Juneau, Alaska

cruise ship in juneau, alaska
Juneau is a frequent stop on Alaska cruises.Photo Credit: Josip Pastor / Shutterstock

Keep cool and explore the Alaskan capital.

Following the warmest year in recorded history, it’s no surprise that in 2024, travelers are more likely to seek out cool-weather destinations than the old, reliable summertime scorchers. That new focus is bringing previously lesser-visited and overlooked locales into view—like Juneau.

Alaska’s capital and second-largest city, this northerly hub is a nature lover’s wonderland, a place where temperate rain forests and glaciers collide. Embark on a whale-watching cruise, go dog-sledding, and embark on an intrepid icefield hike—all before coming back in the evening to discover the city’s interesting food scene, where you can pair craft cocktails with smoked salmon.

4. Austin, Texas

barbecue in austin, texas
Make sure you come to Austin hungry.Photo Credit: Inspired By Maps / Shutterstock

A dream for surrender seekers.

What’s the travel vibe for 2024? According to some industry forecasters, the year ahead will be all about “surrender seeking”—in other words, going with the flow rather than booking every last meal and museum months in advance. This is precisely what laidback Austin is all about.

Craving barbecue or breakfast tacos? Join a wide-ranging food tour to see what strikes your fancy. Want to get out on the town? Go on a crawl of the city’s thriving live music bars or try a beer exploration of this city’s favorite watering holes. And if you’re expecting the unexpected, a weird Austin tour offers just the right dose of quirk.

5. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

skier in jackson hole, wyoming
Skiing might be the main attraction in Jackson Hole, but there's plenty else to do.Photo Credit: CSNafzger / Shutterstock

Bring the outdoors into focus.

Sick of living your life mediated through screens? You’re not alone. 2024 is the year exhausted travelers are ready to escape into nature and do a hard reset. Few destinations offer a better excuse to leave your laptop at home than Jackson Hole. Flanked by the Grand Tetons and the Gros Ventre mountains, it offers an outdoorsy escape on a larger-than-life scale.

Skiing is the obvious wintry pursuit here, but save time for snowshoeing, dog-sledding, and snowmobiling. Summertime visitors can even take a wildlife safari, where you can keep an eye (not your iPhone) out for bears, bison, and bald eagles.

6. Hoi An, Vietnam

street food vendor in hoi an, vietnam
Be sure to take a food tour in Hoi An to sample street food delicacies.Photo Credit: Regis Binard / Viator

All the beauty, none of the expense.

Looking for a peaceful waterfront escape with history, charm, and delicious food that doesn’t cost a fortune? Sounds like an impossible ask, but it’s not. Just visit Hoi An, a centuries-old port city on Vietnam’s central coast.

Traversed by picturesque canals and dating back to the 15th century, this Vietnamese destination has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. Despite its ample charms, it’s still less popular to visit than hubs like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Enjoy the slow pace that Hoi An inspires on a half-day food and culture walking tour, or get a feel for the rhythms of local life when you set sail on the river to fish for crabs before cooking up your catch.

7. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

gandan monastery gate, ulaanbaatar, mongolia
A new nonstop flight will connect the United States with Ulaanbaatar in 2024.Photo Credit: saiko3p / Shutterstock

Asia’s heartland is open for visitors.

Until recently, Mongolia—the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky—has mainly served as a niche destination, favored by intrepid types looking to go off-grid in the country’s seemingly endless steppes. But thanks to Mongolia’s newly expanded visa-free travel options, as well as the first-ever direct flight between its capital of Ulaanbaatar and the US in the works for 2024, Mongolia is looking more accessible than ever.

After familiarizing yourself with bustling Ulaanbaatar on a tour of its top sights (like the Gandantegchinlen Monastery (Gandan Khiid) and the National Museum of Mongolia) or taking a traditional cooking class, plan a day trip to Terelj National Park. Or, venture even farther into Mongolia’s vast grasslands on a multi-day excursion.

8. Goa, India

beach at sunset in goa, india
Head to South Goa for laid-back beach scenes.Photo Credit: Rossana Gatti / Shutterstock

Paradise, however you want it.

The best of India on an accessible scale, the coastal paradise of Goa is perfect for any type of traveler on a budget. Head to buzzing North Goa to throw yourself into its backpacker milieu and party scene, or make South Goa your destination if you’re seeking serene beaches, calm, and quiet. No matter which you choose, don’t overlook Goa’s cultural experiences—from its Portuguese-influenced cuisine to its historic churches, vibrant temples, and spice plantations.

9. Taipei, Taiwan

skyline of taipei, taiwan
Taipei is a perfect alternative to Seoul.Photo Credit: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

East Asia’s irresistible trending destination that's beating out the region's high flyers.

In 2023, TikTok showed us the power of the well-chosen dupe. In 2024, we won’t just be bringing dupe thinking to the products we buy but to the places we travel, too. For example, although Seoul is at the top of many travelers’ lists, the South Korean capital also ranks as one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Instead, if you’re after higher-than-high skyscrapers, wide-ranging culinary choices, and an irresistible blend of tradition and ultra-modernity (all without emptying your wallet), look no further than the significantly more affordable Taipei. Admire the entire city atop Taipei 101, book a backstreets tasting tour for an authentic eating experience, and stay out late exploring its famous night markets.

10. Izmir, Turkey

beach and bay in izmir, turkey
Izmir is Turkey's third-largest city.Photo Credit: ozerkizildag / Shutterstock

History, beaches, and even wine.

With its palm-tree–lined boulevards, its UNESCO–listed archaeological sites, and its turquoise seas, trending Izmir looks like the French Riviera at a glance. Do a double take, and you’ll soon notice that its prices are a whole lot friendlier.

It’s hard to beat paradise at a bargain, but it’s also much more than just a beachy haven. Known as Smyrna in ancient times, the city was once ruled by the Greeks, Romans, and the Ottomans, leaving behind storied archaeological sites like Ephesus and Pergamon. And, for a taste of Turkish wine, visit Urla, a burgeoning wine region—the area’s oenological history dates back more than 4,000 years.

11. Albania

coastline in the albanian riviera
For a more affordable vacation destination on Adriatic Sea, head to Albania.Photo Credit: lukaszimilena / Shutterstock

Mediterranean beaches without the sticker shock.

Everyone knows that Greece and Italy are home to some of Europe’s most in-demand beach vacations in 2024 (and that they come with the price tags to match). But don’t overlook neighboring Albania, located just north of Greece and across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, as it’s home to some 296 miles (476 kilometers) of Albanian coastline.

With a range of short-haul flights connecting destinations across Europe with the capital of Tirana, it’s easier than ever to visit the country. Its idyllic beaches along the Albanian Riviera are a top draw, but even if swimming and sunbathing aren’t your thing, the rugged Albanian Alps region is a hiker’s paradise.

12. Berlin, Germany

skyline of berlin, germany
Skip the Olympics in Paris and visit Berlin for UEFA Euro 2024 instead.Photo Credit: canadastock / Shutterstock

A must for sports lovers—and everyone else.

In 2024, a European capital is going to be hosting one of international sports’ biggest events. More than 1 million people will flock to town to take in the spectacle, held only once every four years. No, we’re not talking about the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris—we’re talking about UEFA Euro 2024 in Berlin.

One of soccer’s biggest contests, watch as national teams from across the continent battle it out for glory. Although games are technically occurring in cities across Germany from June 14 to July 14, the capital has the honor of hosting a number of notable matches, including the final. While you’re in town, squeeze in a half-day walking tour to see Berlin’s most in-demand attractions. Or, explore (and sip) how locals do on a beer and culture excursion.

13. Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh castle, scotland
Edinburgh is perfect for history lovers—and Scotch drinkers.Photo Credit: Anna Cervinkova / Viator

A classic for a reason.

There are so many reasons to visit Scotland’s capital, whether you’re a whisky lover, an arts and culture enthusiast, or in search of a convenient base for Scottish Highlands explorations. Edinburgh’s popularity (and resulting crowds) are no surprise, especially every August when the Edinburgh Fringe Festival draws scores more visitors.

But don’t neglect Edinburgh during its quieter times of year. Whether you book a Scotch tasting, embark on a Christmas tour, or discover Edinburgh Castle, the city is also an ideal place to cultivate cold-weather còsagach. That’s the Scottish Gaelic answer to hygge—getting cozy.

14. Malta

colorful boats in a maltese harbor
Malta is a less-crowded Mediterranean destination.Photo Credit: kavalenkava / Shutterstock

European travel sans crowds.

2023 was a travel boom time after several years of pandemic lockdowns put a screeching halt to international getaways. The upside was the ability to globetrot again. However, the downside was that popular European destinations, from Cinque Terre and Barcelona to Florence and Venice, were completely overrun.

If you’re looking to escape the crowds without compromising on sun, beaches, architecture, or food, set your sights on Malta in 2024. The tiny Mediterranean island is the best of Europe in one tidy package, from the grand capital of Valletta to Gozo’s Instagram-worthy Blue Lagoon. And it’s still relatively off the beaten path, at least for now.

15. Bologna, Italy

skyline of bologna, italy
Bologna is a must-visit on a food tour of Italy.Photo Credit: bellena / Shutterstock

Food, cycling, and beyond.

Despite its name, the Tour de France isn’t strictly limited to France. In 2024, it’s going to be making its appearance in Florence, and its first three stages will be in Italy. During the second stage, the world-famous bike race passes through Bologna in Emilia-Romagna, better known as Italy’s culinary heartland, the birthplace of delicacies ranging from Parmigiano-Reggiano to balsamic vinegar.

Once the cyclists have moved on, it’s worth sticking around for a few days to make the most of this foodie destination. Embark on a tasting tour, learn how to make your own pasta from scratch, and enjoy the lack of crowds compared to Italy’s other major hubs.

16. Azores, Portugal

lagoon in the azores, portugal
The Azores could easily be mistaken for Hawaii.Photo Credit: OneOfTheseDays83 / Shutterstock

Europe’s answer to Hawaii.

Portugal’s popularity among tourists has been on the rise for years, and in 2023, it welcomed more travelers than ever before. But while visitors have flocked to Lisbon to scale its famous hills or to Porto to sip port, relatively few have continued to the Azores.

This is Portugal’s volcanic archipelago, which has nine islands in the mid-Atlantic. São Miguel is the largest and most-visited, but all of the Azores burst with wild scenery, from turquoise-hued lagoons and black-sand beaches to mist-shrouded peaks. Think of the islands as a dupe destination for Hawaii: home to similar natural wonders but less expensive to visit.

17. Nairobi, Kenya

three giraffes in front of skyline of nairobi, kenya
Nairobi can be much more than just a quick layover en route to safari.Photo Credit: Karan Khalsa / Shutterstock

Where safaris meet urban buzz.

Kenya’s capital is on the rise. In 2024, its upward trajectory shows no signs of slowing down. Buzzing with an ineffable energy that’s made it among the most popular destinations in East Africa for foreign travelers, Nairobi offers everything from slick skyscrapers to traditional markets, trendy restaurants, and must-shop destinations like the Maasai Market.

Book a traditional Kenyan cooking class to immerse yourself in local flavors. Then, discover Nairobi National Park, a short jaunt from the city center, home to lions, zebras, giraffes, and more. Safaris have never been easier—or cooler—than this.

18. Aswan, Egypt

temple of abu simbel in aswan, egypt
Make your way south down the Nile to Aswan.Photo Credit: AlexAnton / Shutterstock

Egypt’s Cairo alternative.

Cairo is where most visitors to Egypt start their getaways, and for good reason: The capital and country’s largest city is close to the Giza Pyramids and other ancient wonders. But for a less frenetic introduction to Egypt and its archaeological showstoppers, it’s worth heading south to Aswan, a millennia-old hub on the Nile River with more than its fair share of ancient attractions.

Explore on a day trip to the Abu Simbel Temples, or visit the Philae Temple complex. Aswan is also much closer than Cairo to ancient Luxor, whose Valley of the Kings remains one of Egypt’s most extraordinary sights (book a multi-day Nile cruise for the most luxurious way to travel).

19. Perth, Australia

waterfront in perth, australia
Perth is worth the cross-country journey from Sydney or Melbourne.Photo Credit: f11photo / Shutterstock

Really, really get away from it all.

As one of the world’s most isolated major cities, Perth in Western Australia is thousands of miles from the country’s most-visited destinations, like Sydney and Melbourne. That relative solitude makes it easy to go stargazing in the Pinnacles Desert, swim with dolphins in their natural habitat, plan a beachy day trip to Rottnest Island, or sip and swirl in the Margaret River wine region.

But don’t forget that Perth is still a city with its own gravitational pull. Catch an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, enjoy a performance at the Perth Cultural Centre, or sample the city’s eclectic dining scene.

20. Rotorua, New Zealand

hot springs in rotorua, new zealand
Rotorua is located just a 2.5-hour drive from Auckland.Photo Credit: donvictorio / Shutterstock

A water destination that keeps it hot.

When most people think of water destinations, they probably picture scenic beaches, pristine pools, or crashing ocean waves. But inland Rotorua (located on New Zealand’s North Island) offers an entirely different aquatic experience.

This geothermal destination is a literal hot spot, thanks to its wealth of geysers, hot springs, and steamy vents. Discover those features and more on a half-day tour of the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland and learn about how the landscape has shaped local Maori culture at the Whakarewarewa Village. And no trip to Rotorua is complete without a restorative mud soak at the Hell’s Gate Geothermal Park.

21. St. Lucia

beach in st. lucia
St. Lucia isn't only for honeymooners.Photo Credit: Vadim_N / Shutterstock

The Caribbean (but not as you know it).

It’s easy to reduce the Caribbean to a series of postcard-ready stereotypes: white-sand beaches, waving palm trees, and crystal-clear seas. And while lovely St. Lucia does offer all of the above, that’s only the beginning of this singular island’s charms.

Take its UNESCO–listed Gros Piton, two towering mountain peaks that are a must for hikers and climbers. Then there’s its lush rain forest, best explored by aerial tram. After all that adventuring, don’t miss the island’s mud baths and hot springs or its longstanding chocolate industry. Going off the beaten path in the Caribbean has never felt (or tasted) so good.

22. Atacama Desert, Chile

milky way above atacama desert, chile
Go stargazing in the Atacama Desert in Chile.Photo Credit: MAV Drone / Shutterstock

The exact opposite of a deserted wasteland.

Looking for a reset destination that’s really out there? How about the driest place on Earth, where high elevation and unique landscapes make it feel as far from civilization as the surface of the moon?

Chile’s Atacama Desert can certainly sound forbidding, but its stark beauty and surprising wealth of flora and fauna (particularly in its rare, prized superbloom years) make this one nature escape that’s worth discovering. That’s especially true now, following the 2023 creation of the Desierto Florido National Park, which covers a large portion of the desert. Don’t forget to stick around after sunset to go stargazing.

23. Medellín, Colombia

street art tour of medellin, colombia
Comuna 13 in Medellín, Colombia, was once a dangerous neighborhood, but now it's a street art destination.Photo Credit: DELBO ANDREA / Shutterstock

Rebirth in the City of Eternal Spring.

Go to Medellín today, and it’s almost impossible to conjure images of the city’s sordid past: This rhapsodically beautiful, mountain-ringed destination is thriving according to pretty much every metric.

That’s especially true of once-dangerous hilltop neighborhoods like Comuna 13, now reborn as a thriving street art destination and its never-been-better nightlife scene, which keeps the party going into the wee hours. Once you’ve had your fill of dancing, rouse yourself the next morning with a cup of the finest Colombian coffee or refresh on a day trip to a scenic escape like Guatapé, known for the soaring Peñol Rock and picture-perfect Guatapé Lake.

24. Oaxaca, Mexico

santo domingo church, oaxaca, mexico
Discover food, culture, and history in Oaxaca.Photo Credit: Alicia Vera / Viator

Delve deeper into Mexico’s vibrant culture.

It’s not hard to see why travelers love Oaxaca. This southern state isn’t exactly a hidden gem, beloved for its UNESCO–listed sites, cultural experiences, and delicious cuisine. But in 2024, it’s worth delving deeper into the traditions and Indigenous heritage that still shape Oaxaca today.

Embark on a full-day food tour and visit local markets with Indigenous families, meet the region’s ceramic artisans when you visit their homes, or book a hands-on class with a local cook to learn how to make everything from Oaxacan mole to tortillas. Slow, conscious tourism is poised to be a key 2024 travel trend—and Oaxaca is exactly the right place to put it into practice.

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