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Where to Find the Best Views in Cancun

Cancun's got views for days if you know where to look.

Where to Find the Best Views in Cancun
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Simply staring out at the turquoise Caribbean from the comfort of a beach lounger is enough of a perfect view for many Cancun vacationers, but there are a few ways to get another perspective on this Yucatán destination. Read on for our top options.  

Go parasailing

And feel the wind in your hair while you admire the views.

Fly through the air as a boat pulls you across the water for a bird’s-eye view of the beach and the Cancun hotel zone. Tours typically leave from the shore and don’t take too much time away from sunbathing and swimming.

Take a sunset cruise

And soak up the sights from the sea.

Head out to sea in the quieter evening hours to enjoy a relaxing sunset. Many cruises include drinks or the option to purchase them from an onboard bar, and dinner cruises are also available.

Tourists travel on boat in Cancun.
There are plenty of on the water options for visitors who want great views.Photo Credit: Stanislav Nemashkalo / Viator

Visit a rooftop pool or bar

And relax with a view.

You might be lucky enough to have a rooftop pool at your own hotel, but if not, some top-level pools are open to the public along Cancun’s hotel zone. Alternatively, head to a rooftop bar or club such as H Roof to look down on the city while sipping a cocktail.

Speed down a zipline

And enjoy fleeting but incredible views.

Make the most of Cancun's adventure potential on a tour that takes in multiple action-packed activities, from off-road driving to cenote diving and ziplining. The latter, while speedy, comes with great views of the lush Mexican jungle as standard. Going upside down is optional.

A visitor zip lines through the jungle in Cancun.
Blink and you'll miss it, but ziplining's an awesome way to enjoy incredible views.Photo Credit: Stanislav Nemashkalo / Viator

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